What is a Wastewater Treatment System?

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Almost all industrial companies use some type of water treatment in their workflow. Whether it is steam, lubrication, saturation, cooling, or mixing, water can be used so many ways to effectively operate your industrial system. However, using water in your industrial operation can create many problems which need to be solved. Not to mention these water systems need upkeep and repairs to maintain effectiveness and efficiency.

One of the primary concerns is cost. Water can be expensive, especially when you are utilizing large quantities in your machinery or operation. You want a water system that maximizes efficiency and doesn’t leak or waste any water. In addition, you can invest in an effective wastewater treatment system that will treat and reuse your water over and over again to decrease cost and increase efficiency.

Another major concern for a wastewater treatment system is environmental constraints and damage. There are state and federal regulations regarding the use of wastewater to minimize pollution, contamination, danger, and ecosystem hazards. Wastewater can’t simply be dumped into the nearest runoff or body of water unless it is properly treated through a wastewater treatment system. Even when your wastewater is meeting government regulations, you may have concerns about the waste and pollution that could still be affecting the environment because of your industrial production. A carefully designed wastewater treatment system can minimize your footprint on the environment.

Finally, a wastewater treatment system is designed to keep everyone and everything safe. A good wastewater treatment system will clarify used water to settle and remove any contaminants or “floaters” in the water. Filtration is key to help remove trace amounts of solids and chemicals from your water source, and the type of filtration used will depend on your industrial system and machinery use, as well as the chemicals that may be introduced to your water source. Last of all, a good wastewater treatment system will treat the water with chemicals and pH adjustment to meet whatever needs you may have for the wastewater. Some companies reuse this water, so it doesn’t need to be safe consumable water. Others return it to bodies of water or runoff systems, so the wastewater needs to be treated for safety and pollution.

At Davidson Sales & Engineering, we understand the finer points of creating a wastewater treatment system that will work for your industrial business. Each system has to meet the unique needs of your operation to keep you safe and protected. Davidson Sales & Engineering can help you create the perfect wastewater treatment that is designed to fit your machinery and operation perfectly, maximizing your water’s effect and churning out treated wastewater that doesn’t break the bank.

If you’re in need of a wastewater treatment system that helps you save money, save the environment, meet environmental regulations, and keep your employees and surrounding systems safe, call Davidson Sales & Engineering. We stand ready to consult your industrial business for any engineering, wastewater treatment, mechanical, or machinery needs.

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