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Carver Pump Company


With over 80 years of experience, Carver Pump is recognized as a leading centrifugal pump company, always working to meet the demands of the always changing engineering world.

As one of the first companies in America to attain ISO 9001 certification, Carver Pump is committed to quality. This recognized standard for quality shows a commitment to great quality for hardware, products, customer service, and the growth of the company. Whether you’re looking to refuel jets, supply paint for an auto assembly line, or produce water for a city park fountain, Carver Pumps has got you covered.

Carver Pumps are military grade. This means that for the decades they’ve been in business, their products have been living up to the intense demands of the US Navy. The increased scrutiny this requires has required Carver Pump products to be exceptionally durable and made with the utmost precision. For pumps that reliable and products that will solve your problems instead of creating more problems, Carver Pump is the way to go.

At Carver Pump, they also provide technical services that are engineered to your specifications. They can help you repair an existing pump, find a pump, or achieve your manufacturing goals. Our experienced and professional team of engineers and technicians is ready and willing to help you with your engineering needs.

The pumps made at Carver Pump can do it all. There is the API Maxum OH2 that features rugged construction and state-of-the-art mechanical design that least through years of service in tough environments. Whether it’s a boiler circulation or petroleum distribution, the API Maxum OH2 can handle it. The GH pump is available as both a frame-mounted or a close-coupled unit. This pump includes 316 SS shaft sleeves, keyed impellers, dynamic balance, and re-greasable bearings. All of these features make this an incredible efficient hydraulic. The vertical lube oil or VLO pump is a general-end suction and multistage vertical pump that is built to your specifications. This very reliable pump is low maintenance and low cost. It is designed to accept AC and DC motors. Each of Carver Pump’s lube oil pumps is tested to ensure they meet the customer’s specific needs—whether those needs by water, oil, or high-temperature conditions.

Carver also makes domestic water booster systems. These systems include domestic water, cooling towers, and irrigation booster systems. Try out one of these high-quality stand boost pump packages and have it custom designed to fit your requirements. These suction pumps are great for high flow and lower head applications.

Carver pumps, products and systems are available at Davidson Sales & Engineering, Incorporated. You can visit our store at 2441 S. 3850 W., Site B West Valley City UT 84120 or call at 801-977-9200 and email [email protected]. Davidson Sales & Engineering sells and services Carver Pump products in Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah.

Source of Products, Systems, and Images: https://www.carverpump.com/