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WEMCO manufactures the highest quality vortex and screw centrifugal pumps. With over many years of service, this market-leading brand is well recognized in the world of engineering. WEMCO designs, engineers, and manufactures products and services for minerals, oil and gas, and power industries. They cover water and wastewater, food and beverage, solids and high grit applications, chemical, and general industrial markets.

With over 50 years of service, the WEMCO team has recognized as a leader in the municipal and industrial engineering world. Their vortex and screw centrifugal pumps are leading their market. Their leading products include the Hydrogritter, Screw Flow Pump, and Torque Flow.

The WEMCO Hydrogritter is a grit removal system. This high-performance solution provides consistent and long-term grit removal with minimal effort, low operating costs, and little maintenance. The Hydrogritter is the top of its class. It can process from 220 to 1570 GPM per cyclone, with a pressure of 5 to 20 psi—allowing for a grit withdraw rate of .75 to 8.5 tons per hour. There is also the Hydrogritter II for the next generation of grit removal. This system performs like the original Hydrogritter but it removes up to .75 tons more of grit per hour. You really can’t go wrong with either system for your grit removal needs.

The WEMCO Screw-Flow pump provides clog-resistant pumping, a steep head-capacity curve, high efficiency, low NPSH requirements, adjustable liners, and more. The adjustable liners are a big help with consistency impeller to liner clearance, making a pump a high performing pump. As any pump components wear down, you can adjust the clearance for optimal performance. It is equipped with a single vane screw-centrifugal impeller and its design can’t be beaten. The screw-flow pump allows for large solids, fibrous, and stringy materials to pass through with ease.

The WEMCO Torque Flow is designed with heavy duty wet end components to run while also completely submerged. The motor is equipped with two seals for added protection of any electrical parts. This product is also accompanied by an extra thick two-piece case, as well as extra thick areas that see a lot of wear down, to make it extra durable. The hydraulic design of cupped impeller helps to lessen wear and tear while increasing performance. It is also available with a flushless slurry seal. The torque flow can pass pip-sized solids with ease.

WEMCO products are tested and proved to be top of their class. Their performance and durability are unmatched.

WEMCO Vortex and Screw Centrifugal Pumps are available at Davidson Sales & Engineering, Incorporated. You can visit our store at 2441 S. 3850 W., Site B West Valley City UT 84120 or call at 801-977-9200 and email [email protected]. Davidson Sales & Engineering sells and services WEMCO Vortex and Screw Centrifugal Pumps in Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah.

Source of Products, Systems, and Images: https://www.trilliumflow.com/brands/wemco/

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