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Davidson Sales and Engineering works with Dean Pumps because they are recognized around the world for their quality and durability. These industrial process pumps are manufactured in a variety of metals. They can handle a wide range of temperatures and chemical process applications. These pumps cover markets like chemical, petrochemical, plastics, refinery, pulp and paper, food processing, pharmaceutical, and wastewater.
dean pump ph series horizontal ansi process pumps

Horizontal ANSI Process Pumps—from the pH Series, this pump is built to ASME/ANSI B73.1 dimension with 28 sizes available in ductile iron, 316SS, CD4MCu, and Alloy construction.

dean pump php series self priming chemical process pumps
Self-priming Chemical Process Pumps—part of the pHP Series, this pump features great priming times, suction lifts up to 20 ft and power frame interchangeability with the pH Series chemical process pumps.
dean pump phv series vertical sump pumps
Vertical Sump Pumps—from the pHV Series Vertical Sump Pumps, this pump is available for vented or vapor containing sumps in 16 sizes.
dean pump m300 series magnetic drive ansi chemical process pumps
Magnetic Drive ANSI Process Pumps—part of the M300 Series Pumps. Sealless, chemical process pumps built to ANSI/ASME B73.3 dimensions. Twelve sizes are available in ductile iron or 316SS construction.
dean pump deanline series industrial inline pumps
Vertical Inline Pumps—comes in three styles, the Dean Line Series Industrial Inline Pump, the DL Series High-Temperature Inline Pump, and the CNV Series Inline Process Pump.
dean pump ra series ai cooled thermal liquid hot oil pumps
Air Cooled High-Temperature Pumps—these pumps come in three options—RA Series Air-Cooled Thermal Liquid/Hot Oil Pumps, RWA Series Air-Cooled Hot Water Pumps, and the RAV/RWAV.
dean pump m300 series magnetic drive ansi chemical process pumps
Heavy Duty High-Temperature Pumps—there are three options for these pumps—the R4000 Series Heavy Duty Process Pumps, R5000 Series Heavy Duty API Type Process, RM5000 Series Magnetic Drive Heavy Duty Process Pumps.
dean pump fw water pump
Water Pumps—there are many high quality and cost-effective options in different sizes and configurations.
Dean Pumps have been tested and proven to perform since 1869. Their sturdy equipment has been performing well in the industry for over a century. They have proven to be among the world’s finest process pumps with a wide range of standard pumps available in customized configurations. Dean Pumps design custom solutions for each customer to create a pump that can solve nearly any kind of liquid pumping problem. These designs incorporate the latest and most update to date in the industry—making them some of the most effective available today. Their products also have extensive interchangeability—meaning there are fewer parts to inventory, easier to keep up the maintenance, and simpler to repair.