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It’s no secret that Idaho is the potato states. Approximately one-third of potatoes grown in the US are grown here. Idaho is an important agricultural state, growing a lot more than just potatoes. The three varieties of wheat are grown in the state—dark northern spring, hard red, and soft white.

There are many important industries in Idaho, including food processing, lumber and wood products, machinery, chemical products, paper products, electronics manufacturing, and mining. Contributing to the food processing industry, the world’s largest factory for barrel cheese is in Gooding Idaho. About 120,000 metric tons of barrel cheese are made yearly—a raw product of processed cheese.

Idaho has also become an important part of the science and technology industry. About 25% of Idaho’s revenue and over 70% of Idaho’s exports are accounted for in the science and technology industry. Boise, Idaho has been the center for semiconductor manufacturing for the last few decades as the home of Micron Technology—the only dynamic random access memory chips manufacturer in the US.

Businesses also thrive in Idaho. There are also a large number of Fortune 500 companies that came out of Idaho—including Safeway, Albertsons, JR Simplot, and Potlash Corp. Aside from the big business side, Idaho is also a great place for small businesses. In 2014, the state was named the second most small business friendly state according to data from 12,000 small business owners.

The state of Idaho also has a favorable energy landscape as it is rich in renewable energy sources. Hydroelectric power resources are abundant in Idaho’s rivers including the Snake River. The climate of Idaho also has significant geothermal power and wind power.

Idaho is currently one of the less populated states in the country but is expanding quickly with the 6th fastest growing population in the US. Their population was projected to increase by 31% between 2008 and 2030.

Davidson Sales and Engineering is proud to be a part of the great state of Idaho. As Idaho moves into its bright future and continues to grow and expand, Davidson Sale and Engineering will be there to fulfill the needs of equipment for the minerals industry and industrial distributors.

We specialize in products relating to food processing, oil and gas refining, chemical production, power generation, and municipal wastewater. Idaho residents can rely on us for high-quality products and systems. Plus, we provide quality customer service!


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