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The Expert In Lubrication Solutions

Perma-tec is an innovative and creative solution in the lubrication field. Their robust products are available in more than 80 countries. With a goal to minimize the impact on the environment and on people, Perma develops customer-oriented products. They are the only provider of single-point lubrication in the field of lubrication systems.

Single-point lubrication systems are safe, effective, long-term economical lubrication. Perma an optimal solution for any lubrication point. They are ahead of their field in technology, economy, and workplace safety aspects. Perma also offers multi-point lubrication systems. The right lubricant selection can mean achieving extended bearing service life. It can also increase the safety of your machines and equipment. Perma’s lubricant selection program will help you to select the best lubricant for any application.

Perma can simplify maintenance work. Their products make it easy to change from manual lubrication to Perma lubrication systems. These systems can be used at any lubrication points. Perma’s product portfolio has a wide range with up to 600 different lubrication points. With discharge periods from 1 to 36 months, operating temperatures from -40 c to 60 c, and lubricant volumes from 30 cm to 7000 cm, Perma systems are impressive.

Perma has master the right amount of lubrication for the right points at the right time. Too much lubrication can increase operating temperatures, cause damaged to contact seals and lead to excessive lubricant consumption. Too little lubrication can lead to an increase in friction and wear and risk of dry runs. Using Perma’s automatic lubrication systems can help you avoid these potential problems. It constants supplies the ideal lubricant quantity. Perma’s lubrication system can help to reduce costs significantly, up to 25%. Constant automatic lubrication minimizes premature wear, helps to avoid expensive repairs and reduces maintenances costs.

Perma products and systems are available at Davidson Sales and Engineering.