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Wyoming has so much to offer. The mountainous landscape of Wyoming is covered by a portion of the Rocky Mountains. Though it is the 10th largest, it is also among the least populated states. Two-thirds of the state covered by mountain ranges and one third is covered in a high elevation prairie called the High Plains. There are two national parks that are draws to Wyoming—Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. These beautiful lands are breathtaking and draw in crowds of tourists. Because of the national parks, Wyoming thrives on the state’s tourism industry.

The economy of Wyoming is greatly impacted by its mining industry. The mineral and energy production in the state include commodities such as coal, natural gas, coalbed methane, crude oil, uranium, and trona. In 2004, Wyoming produced more coal than any other state—395.5 million short tons. In the mid-1990s, CBM (coalbed methane) began to boom. This meant natural gas production for Wyoming. Sustainable CBM production has continued since. With 1.77 trillion cubic feet of natural gas production in 2016, Wyoming ranked 6th nationwide for natural gas production. Wyoming also produces a significant amount of crude oil. In 2007, that state produced 53.4 million barrels and came in at 5th nationwide. This can be used as motor fuel or in the manufacture of plastics, paints, and synthetic rubber. The largest reserve of trona in the world can be found in Wyoming. In 2008, the state produced 25% of the world’s production of trona. This mineral is used to manufacture glass, paper, soaps, baking soda, water softeners, and pharmaceuticals. Wyoming also has a history of mining uranium.

The geographic location and high-altitude of Wyoming make it a great place to harvest wind power. The largest commercial wind generation facility under development in North America is to be in Carbon County, Wyoming.

With all of these resources, Davidson Sales and Engineering is thrilled to be working in Wyoming. The great state produces and manufactures so many useful minerals and can use some high-quality systems and produces to make it all possible.

That’s where we come in!

At Davidson Sales and Engineering, we provide equipment for the minerals industry and industrial distributors such as food processing, oil and gas refining, chemical production, power generation, and municipal wastewater. Our products, systems, and services are quality proven. From rentals to purchasing to repairs, we’ve got you covered, Wyoming!


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