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What is a Circulator Pump?

What is a Circulator Pump and Why Use a Circulator Pump?

Advances to plumbing and air systems are always exciting, as they mean many beneficial developments for manufacturers, builders, consumers, and the environment. Although the traditional principles of plumbing and engineering remain constant, new ways of circulating the materials for your operation can greatly increase your efficiency, cost, impact, and performance. One of these modern changes that are making their way into new homes and business operations is the circulator pump.

What is a Circulator Pump?

A circulator pump is a pump which circulates fluid, air, or other materials in a closed circuit as part of a greater system. A circulator pump is a small addition commonly found in a home’s water system. The circulator pump itself is small, sealed, and usually a centrifugal pump using just a fraction of horsepower. Since the water doesn’t need to be pumped out of the tank by this particular circulator pump, it doesn’t require much force to operate.
The circulator pump simply circulates the material in a closed loop, ready to reintroduce to the main route when needed. For example, a circulator pump is commonly used in homes to keep hot water circulating to decrease the wait time for hot water to come out of your tap.

Why Use a Circulator Pump?

Circulator pumps are growing in popularity, especially in new build homes and businesses. They’re also being used in manufacturing systems and lines because of their efficiency and maximizing your operation’s functions. A circulator pump can use your existing plumbing structure to create a more self-sufficient, comfortable, and energy-friendly flow.

In a home, a circulator pump is most commonly used to circulate water in the line. Without a circulator pump the water in your tap stalls and gets cold when you shut it off. When you return and want hot water for a shower or washing dishes, you may have to let it run for several minutes before the hot water returns. This was a sore spot for homeowners and the environment, as it meant literally draining money and resources, in addition to wasting time.

With a circulator pump in your home’s plumbing system, there is hot water constantly circulating within this closed circuit, utilizing very little energy with the small centrifugal pump. That hot water circulates until you need it next, and it’s ready as soon as you are. This means you aren’t draining gallons of cold water, waiting for the right temperature. It’s easier on the environment, your wallet, and your entire plumbing system.

Davidson Sales & Engineering Circulator Pumps

At Davidson Sales & Engineering we specialize in creative engineering solutions for your home and business. This includes pumps, filtration, boilers, wastewater systems, and more. We can help you find the right circulator pump, troubleshoot your circulator pump, or repair a broken circulator pump.

Davidson Sales & Engineering stands ready to help you with any home or industrial engineering problem and will find the perfect solution. Davidson Sales & Engineering can find you the right pump for the job.



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