How a Puraflo Sewage Treatment System Works

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Water treatment is a critical part of any system that uses water for operation and functionality. Water is naturally exposed to contaminants as it cycles through your machinery, whether it’s for pressure, propulsion, cooling, centrifugal force, or other uses. You need an efficient and reliable water treatment system to clean, purify, and regulate the water you use in your operation. If you already use a sewage or wastewater treatment system, it’s important that it functions as designs and keeps you running at maximum capacity.

When was the last time you had your water treatment system inspected? Is it wasting energy or risking contaminants in your water supply? Would you know if it was? Many businesses find out too late that their wastewater treatment system is failing, or that switching to a more efficient or environmentally friendly sewage and wastewater treatment would create serious positive change for your business.

What is a Puraflo Sewage Treatment System?

The Puraflo sewage treatment system is the most unique and successful system of its kind. It uses peat fiber as a biofilter to remove contaminants and detritus from wastewater without dangerous chemicals or non-renewable plastics filters that will clog landfills for decades. Because Puraflo uses peat fiber, it’s an incredibly environmentally friendly and strong economic choice. Puraflo offers the best solution to wastewater filtration that will provide clean water with less energy and cost.

How a Puraflo Sewage Treatment System Works

The Puraflo Sewage Treatment System uses peat fiber to remove high-level pathogens and nitrogen from wastewater as it moves through a water system’s pipes, with or without energy. The Puraflo Sewage Treatment System can be used intermittently without the problems you’d find in a traditional sewage treatment system that isn’t used consistently. The Puraflo peat fiber lasts longer and requires less energy, which makes it a much better long term solution to your water treatment needs.

Other benefits of the Puraflo sewage treatment system are many. For plenty of business owners, the odor-free guarantee of the Puraflo sewage treatment is a huge sell. Many wastewater treatment systems come with their own distinct smell that is less than appealing, but the Puraflo is odorless. Another huge benefit of the Puraflo wastewater treatment system is that it’s customizable. The design is modular, meaning you can add and combine features to create the perfect wastewater system for your needs.

Your Sewage Treatment System

As we stated above, your water treatment system is critical to your operation. At Davidson Sales and Engineering we specialize in creating pumps, filtration, fluid systems, and more to help keep your manufacturing operation running smoothly and efficiently. We know that every system is different and requires unique solutions. We can work with you to create the most efficient and powerful system for your business.

Davidson Sales and Engineering can assess your current wastewater treatment system and help you determine if an upgrade to a Puraflo Sewage Treatment System could be beneficial for your business with just one call.


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