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Dangers of a Broken Boiler

Dangers of a Broken Boiler

A boiler is an out-of-sight, out-of-mind kind of machine. We rely on them to keep our water and homes warm, but we probably go long periods of time without even thinking about our boilers.

We’re very blessed to have modern technology that makes our boilers safer than ever, with temperature gauges, relief valves, sensors, and statistics to keep us aware of just how our boilers are working for us.

Unfortunately, boilers aren’t perfect. Any problems with your boiler can not only be serious and expensive, but they can also be incredibly dangerous. It’s important to identify signals that may indicate problems with your boiler, so you can prevent these common boiler dangers.

Signs of Boiler Danger

    1. You smell gas or fumes. This probably goes without saying, but gas or fumes in your home are always a reason for concern. The most common culprit is your gas range stovetop, so check there first, but then turn your attention to your boiler. You may be able to smell it inside your boiler closet or boiler room, but you could also smell gas or fumes coming through your vents throughout your home. If you’ve grown used to it, you may hear new visitors to your home commenting on a slight gas or fumes smell. Respond quickly!
    2. You see burn/black marks, scorch marks, or soot. If you haven’t checked on your boiler in a while, it’s time. Look for any signs of scorch marks in your boiler room or boiler closet, since that can be an indication of serious trouble with your boiler. Set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar to check your boiler at least every 6 months.
    3. You have to keep re-lighting the pilot light. If you find your water ice cold, or you can’t seem to get your space warm, the first step is to check the pilot light on your boiler. If you are repeatedly lighting your pilot light or the flame appears yellow, instead of a bright blue, it means you have a faulty pilot light. This is dangerous because it can cause gas leaks or fires.
    4. You’re noticing headaches or nausea. This could be a potential sign of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, which can happen with a broken or faulty boiler. It is very dangerous for you and your loved ones, and can even cause death. If you do feel headaches and nausea while your boiler is operating, turn it off, get outside for fresh, clean air, and call for help.

If you are experiencing any of these issues it is very important that you call Davidson Sales & Engineering. Boilers are complicated with lots of interworking parts. Tinkering with your boiler when you aren’t qualified can lead to an even more dangerous and expensive situation. Instead, call us right away. Our boiler and engineering experts are able to fix whatever problems you may be facing.

Whether it’s repair or replacement, guaranteeing a functioning boiler is a critical step for ensuring your future health, happiness, and emergency savings. Let us help you get a perfect boiler.



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