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4 Signs Your Oil Filtration System Isn’t Working

4 Signs Your Oil Filtration System Isn’t Working

Oil filtration is an important element for any machinery that utilizes oil for operation. Oil can lubricate and move your machinery effectively, but it can also attract contaminants that damage your system.

Oil filtration is the necessary step to keep your oil pure and efficient. The type of oil filtration you will need will vary based on the type of oil you use, the function of your machinery, your location and climate, nearby contaminants, and many other factors.

Davidson Sales & Engineering can help you find the exact components for your manufacturing system or machinery, including oil and oil filtration systems. We can also help you determine if your oil filtration is working properly and troubleshoot any issues you are facing.

Poor oil filtration can lead to serious buildup that can damage your engine or machinery in a major way. Let Davidson Sales & Engineering help you with your oil filtration to prolong the life of your machinery. The signs your oil filtration system isn’t working are:

1. Smell

One of the first symptoms we hear from our customers is that they can smell burning, tangy scent around their engine or machinery. It may smell like something is melting or on fire. This can be an indication that the oil in your system is impure and creating issues. You may also notice dirty fumes and air around your engine or machinery when oil isn’t properly filtered.

2. Grinding

If you’re hearing grinding, clunking, screeching, or other metallic noises from your engine or machinery, it’s a bad sign. These metallic sounds mean the oil is failing to properly lubricate your machinery, usually due to filtration problems. If you’re hearing sounds beyond the regular operation of your machinery you may need to look into the state of your oil and improve your oil filtration system.

3. Heat

When the oil isn’t able to properly lubricate your system, it creates friction. This friction often manifests as extreme heat, even overheating. If your engine or machinery overheats and shuts down the first place to look is your oil and oil filtration. Even if your engine or machinery just seems to be running hotter than usual you may want to take a close look at the quality of your oil and the effectiveness of your existing oil filtration system.

4. Inefficiency

If you notice that your engine or machinery is slowly losing its punch, it can be tempting to chalk it up to age or overuse, but you should first check the oil filtration. Congealed and contaminated oil is much more difficult to operate in a system which can negatively impact your efficiency and power. Regularly check your oil for purity and to see if your oil filtration system is working properly.

Even one of these signs could indicate a serious oil filtration problem for your engine or machinery. Don’t wait for disaster. Call Davidson Sales & Engineering right away to help solve your problems with oil, lubrication, and oil filtration to stay safe and efficient.



Oil filtration is a critical part of any engine or piece of machinery. Oil helps your moving parts maintain their full range of motion without friction

What’s Wrong With My Oil Filtration?

What’s Wrong With My Oil Filtration

Oil filtration is a critical part of any engine or piece of machinery. Oil helps your moving parts maintain their full range of motion without