Thermex Engineered Systems Inc

Ultimate Heavy Equipment Cold Protection

Thermex provides high-quality manufacturing with rugged heating components. Their machines and systems are designed for heavy use in extremely cold climates. Need some cold protection solutions? Thermex has got you covered. Thermex serves many heavy industries.

Thermex pioneers the fluid and fuel warming systems industry with their systems. The patented HeatProbe system is a great option for hydraulic fluid heating. If you need to leverage multiple HeatProbes, the TankerTherm can help. This system is for bulk transport fluid warming, DEF heating, IBC tote heating, and hydraulic heating.

Thermex engine heaters are a great asset for optimum cold protection in heavy equipment. The PortaThaw system can quickly heat up freezing coolant lines and pump hot engine coolant to other systems.

The over-idling of heavy equipment is expensive. It may be costing you thousands every year. Reduce your idling with a proactive approach—try the ThermaStart Idle reduction system. This system can greatly benefit off-highway and on-highway trucks and equipment.

For freeze protection systems, specialty equipment, fluid, and fuel warning system, engine heaters, idle reduction systems, and other heavy equipment cold protection, go with Thermex. Thermex products and systems are available at Davidson Sales and Engineering.

Thermex Fluid & Fuel Warming Systems

Fluid & Fuel Warming Systems

Thermex is pioneering the industry with its line of fluid & fuel warming systems.

Thermex Engine Heaters

Engine Heaters

Thermex engine heaters are an essential addition to maintain your assets for optimum heavy equipment cold protection.

Thermex Idle Reduction Systems

Idle Reduction Systems

Over-idling of heavy equipment is costing the industry millions of dollars every year, negatively impacting the environment.

Thermex Freeze Protection Systems

Freeze Protection Systems

Thermex stand-alone heating systems are essential for heavy equipment cold protection on freezing job sites.

Thermex Specialty Equipment

Specialty Equipment

Thermex builds custom design-to-order equipment for individual heavy equipment applications.

Thermex Serve Many Industries

Industries We Serve

Thermex modular components provide the best heavy equipment cold protection, and can be used in many heavy industries.

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