High Shear Mixers

Greerco creates mixers that utilize an axial in and out rotor and stator system to provide mixing and shear in the emulsion, dispersion, and colloidal applications. These high shear mixers include tank mounted homogenizers, in-line colloid mills, and pipeline mixers. They are designed to process applications in the food, cosmetic, oil and gas, polymer, and chemical processing industries. Some of these products include:


Greerco High Shear Pipeline Mixers

Pipeline Mixers, with over six decades of successful installations,  are designed for in-line continuous, high shear homogenizing, emulsifying, rapid dispersing, and mixing at high speeds. Greerco’s Pipeline Mixer comes with mixing head options and the ability to handle a wide range of different mixing applications. Pipeline Mixers off an axial in-axial outflow path that results in higher throughputs, which also makes it more cost effective. The versatile body design allows you to use either a single rotor-stator or a tandem rotor-stator for desired results. These mixers are available in industrial and sanitary models.  


Greerco High Shear Homogenizer

Homogenizer mix applications at high-speed in high-shear batches for some fast blending and homogenizing of materials through many viscosities. The homogenizer is extremely reliable. This series offers a range of tank-mounted, high shear mixers for the laboratory to production scale. The homogenizer series offers cost-effective solutions with low horsepower, high throughput, and robust design. Some of the features include flange-mounted units, double mechanical seal, 440 hardened SS rotor-stator, alternative motor enclosures, polished wetted components.


Greerco Colloid Mill

The Greerco Colloid Mills are extremely efficient, in-line, processing units. They are designed to disperse solids and liquids into a carrying vehicle quickly and uniformly. Whether it’s liquids or solids, emulsion or suspension, Colloid Mills can reproduce repeatedly with uniform particle-size accuracy and distribution. Speed up production while keeping it accurate and efficient. Their mills are able to produce stable emulsions to the submicron range.

Greerco High Shear mixers utilize an axial in/out rotor and stator system to provide mixing and shear in the emulsion, dispersion, and colloidal applications. Tank mounted Homogenizers or in-line Colloid Mills and Pipeline Mixers are available for your processing applications in the Food, Cosmetic, Oil and Gas, Polymer, and Chemical Processing Industries.

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