Industrial Fluid Management Systems

LMI Industries or LMI Pumps offers products and systems for fluid management. Their products and systems are used in many fields, including general industry, utilities/power generation, chemical processing, agricultural/livestock, and pharma/medical. With applications for reverse osmosis, commercial/industrial, and water and wastewater treatments. LMI Industries maximizes efficiency in the industrial process while also extending equipment life.

Standard Electronic: LMI Industries offers a variety of standard electronic pumps, including the PD Series Chemical Metering Pump, EXCEL® AD Chemical Metering Pumps, the Series B Chemical Metering Pumps, and the Series C Chemical Metering Pumps.

Motor Driven: The motor-driven pumps feature the Series G Motor-Driven Metering Pumps. This series is available in two motor driven models—the SD and the SG. Both rugged and engineered to handle the high output.

Specialized Electronic: These specialized series include the E Series Explosion Proof Metering Pump and the Series J5 12VDC Chemical Metering Pumps.

Intelligent Control: This series features the EXCEL® XR Metering Pumps, a mechanically actuated diaphragm pump driven by advanced variable speed technology.

LIQUITRON Controllers: the LIQUITRON™ 7000 Series Multi-Parameter Controller makes water treatment so much easier. This series is fully equipped and ready to control your boiler, cooling tower, pH, and ORP applications out of the box.

Conductivity Controllers: The LIQUITRON™ DC4000 Series, Conductivity Controller and LIQUITRON™ DC4500 Series Conductivity Controller are ideal for optimizing cooling tower and boiler feed processes. Programming these systems is simple and using them can improve efficiency.

pH / ORP Controllers: Featuring the LIQUITRON™ DP5000 Series pH Controller and the LIQUITRON™ DR5000 Series, these systems are designed specifically for industrial applications.

LMI manufactures controlled volume metering pumps and equipment for a wide range of industries and applications. With strategically located manufacturing sites and an extensive stocking distribution network, LMI can support your application wherever you are.

LMI Industries products and systems are available at Davidson Sales and Engineering.